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VII Eurasian media forum finished its work

Almaty. April 28. Kazakhstan Today - VII Eurasian media forum in Almaty finished its work, the agency reports. "All of the participants, chroniclers of this historical period. I consider our media forum has made its notable contribution in this sense," the chairman of EAMF organizing committee Dariga Nazarbayeva said. The forum was held for two days. During the conference the delegates discussed vital contemporary topics including the problem of non-recognized territories, self-declaration of the states on the example of Kosovo and Deja vue of the second "cold war". Also forum participants held discussions on the themes: Role of Mass Media in World Financial System Crisis, Mutual Relations of Russia - the USA after Elections, Who are the Leaders of the postSoviet Space?, Observance of Intellectual Property Rights, Problems of Coverage of Global Warming and Glamour in Politics and Politics of Glamour. 450 delegates, including 150 foreign participants took part in VII EAMF. "We will meet at the eighth Eurasian media forum on April 23-24, 2009, D. Nazarbayeva concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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