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Government suspended financing of budgetary programs for 84 billion KZT

Astana. May 4. Kazakhstan Today - The government of Kazakhstan has suspended financing of some budgetary programs for the sum of 84 billion KZT in connection with correction of the budget. The Minister of Finance Bolat Zhamishev said during the plenary Majilis session on Wednesday, the agency reports. The Minister reminded that parameters of economic development for the current year have been reconsidered. Rates of economic growth are expected to reach 5-7 %. "Income to budget in the form of taxes has been reduced - mainly due to income from external economic activities and corporate income tax. This situation obliges the government to define the parameters of the budget of the current year," B. Zhamishev said. The Minister of Finance informed that the working group headed by Vice Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeev considered execution of all budgetary programs and defined the programs, the expenditures of which will be reduced by 84 billion KZT. "The Ministry of Finance has been entrusted to suspend expenditures, fixation and registration of obligations of these programs so that it would be possible without any consequences, in case of budget correction, to cut down the expenses of the budget. The Ministry of Finance has realized this decision of the budgetary commission," B. Zhamishev said.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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