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New program of development of power complex to be developed in Almaty - akimat

Almaty. May 5. Kazakhstan Today - The new program of development of power complex of the city will be developed in Almaty, the agency reports referring to Public Relations Department of Almaty akimat. The meeting on development of the power complex of the city with participation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan Sauat Mynbayev was held under the presidency of the akim of the city Akhmetzhan Esimov in Almaty akimat. According to the widespread press release, the working group has already been created to develop the new power program. The assistant akim of Almaty Askar Smankulov will supervise the group. The program of development of power complex has become outdated and "rapid construction needs new amendments," the department informs. "According to the information, the common problems for all large power supplyers (thermal power station-1, thermal power station-2, and thermal power station-3) are large scale physical deterioration of the core and spare equipment, emergency condition of buildings and premises, exhaustion of ash dumps resources. Big problem for the city is also emissions to the atmosphere," the message states. The department informs, "by the experts' estimations, realization of the existing proposals on development of Almaty power supply system till 2020 will make 300 billion KZT." However, Almaty akim A. Esimov suggested conducting careful analysis of the situation, identifying priority directions for this year and for the long-term period and defining financing sources," the message states. According to the Public Relations Department, "the existing resources of thermal energy in thermal power stations in 2007 made 3615 kilowatt hours, deficit of thermal energy 382 kilowatt hours. Availability of electric power resources in 2007 made 950 megawatt, deficit of electric energy produced in the northern power supplyers, Zhambyl state regional electro station and partially from Kyrgyzstan - 400 megawatt."

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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