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Control over industrial safety to be strengthened - Emergency Minister

Astana. June 3. Kazakhstan Today - Control over condition of industrial safety needs to be strengthened. The Minister of Emergency Measures of Kazakhstan Vladimir Bozhko informed during the governmental hour in the Parliament on Monday, the agency reports. "One of the challenges in maintenance of industrial safety is high degree of wear of the basic production capital... This situation requires strengthening of control over condition of industrial safety," V. Bozhko said. According to V. Bozhko, "wear of equipment in mining and chemical industries makes 39 %." Modernization in a number of enterprises goes slowly, though productivity, for example, in collieries of Karaganda has increased by three times." "About 80 % of oil and gas pipelines are being used without repairs for more than 20-30 years. Works on liquidation of oil wells flood are being conducted extremely slowly. There are 150 of them in the western region," the Minister noted. According to the Minister of Emergency, "1200 boilers in the Republic, out of 7346, are worn out, which quite often leads to stoppage of heat supply to our citizens in winter." 23983 vessels are working under pressure, 2523 of which worked over their term.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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