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Senate approved amendment to legislation on resolution of corporate disputes

Astana. June 26. Kazakhstan Today - Today at the plenary session Senate deputies passed the law of Kazakhstan on amendments and additions into the acts on resolution of corporate disputes, the agency reports. According to the conclusion of Committee for Economic and Regional Policy, the purpose of the bill is improvement of the legislation in the sphere of struggle against illegal purchase of property, non-admission of disguising of corporate disputes under other disputes by defining the concept corporate dispute, and establishment of jurisdiction of civil cases regarding these disputes. According to the conclusion, the project stipulates introduction of amendments into Civil Juducial Code of Kazakhstan, according to which exclusive jurisdiction of corporate disputes to specialized interdistrict economic courts has been established. The project provides for amendments and additions into the laws on economic companies, production co-operatives, companies with limited and additional responsibility, and joint-stock companies. The law is considered to be accepted by the Parliament and is forwarded to the President to be signed into law.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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