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Kazakhstan President hopes Eurasian countries will create Eurasian union

Astana. June 30. Kazakhstan Today - The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev hopes that the countries of the Eurasian continent will create Eurasian union. He stated at the opening ceremony of the 17th annual session of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Sunday, the agency reports. "I believe that on the example of the European union we in the future will come to creation of the Eurasian union," N. Nazarbayev stated. "Well-being of our big continent depends on it," he emphasized. The leader of Kazakhstan noted that Europe and Asia - uniform subcontinent bound by a number of historical and economic relations." "It will not be possible to struggle effectively with modern challenges and to provide safety without joined efforts in the future," he emphasized. N. Nazarbayev also noted that "the city of Astana is the geographical center of the Eurasian subcontinent." "I suggest making Astana the capital of the future Eurasian union," the President of Kazakhstan said.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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