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Living wage increased by 19.6 % and made 12 874 KZT in June

Astana. July 1. Kazakhstan Today - Living wage on average per capita in comparison with December, 2007 has increased by 19.6 % and has made 12 874 KZT in Kazakhstan in June, 2008, the agency reports referring to Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan. Living wage on articles of food made 7 725 KZT, non-food and paid services - 5 149 KZT. According to Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan, in comparison with May, 2008 living wage has increased by 7.2 %. According to Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan, in June living wage for children till 13 years old has made 10 126 KZT, for young men and girls at the age of 14 - 17 - 16 225 and 12 431 KZT respectively, for working population - older than 18, including men - 15 388 KZT and women - 12 217 KZT, and for pensioners and seniors - 12 041 KZT. Living wage - necessary minimum hourly wage for a person, equal to the size of cost of the minimum consumer basket, which represents minimum set of food stuffs, goods and services necessary to achieve some specific standard of living. The share of expenditures for minimum necessary non-food and services for defining living wage has been established at the rate of 40 % of cost of the minimum consumer basket.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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