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60 candidates have been nominated for Senate deputies

Astana. August 20. Kazakhstan Today - 60 candidates have been nominated for the Senate deputies. The member of Central Election Committee of Kazakhstan, Tatyana Ohlopkova, said at the round table Information-explanatory work of the state election bodies as one of the forms of increase of legal culture of participants of election process, the agency reports. "As of today, 60 candidates have been nominated for the Senate deputies," T. Ohlopkova informed. The largest number of the candidates, as she said, has been nominated in the South Kazakhstan oblast - 10 people. "Astcandiadtesana has only 1 candidate for now," she said. T. Ohlopkova specified that 46 candidates have nominated themselves and 14 have been nominated by maslikhats. As it was informed earlier, nomination of candidates will last till September 3. The elections of Senate deputies will be on October 4, 2008.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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