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Government to present to Parliament bill on Competition

Astana. August 27. Kazakhstan Today - The government will present to the Parliament the bill on Competition, the agency reports referring to the press service of prime minister of Kazakhstan. According to the press service, the bill on Competition was considered today at the session of the government of Kazakhstan. The chairman of Agency on Competition Protection, Mazhit Esenbayev, reported on key parameters of the bill. "The main objective of the bill is protection of competition and creation of conditions for growth of enterprise and investment activity of business, and prevention of monopolistic activity, suppression of unfair competition, demonopolization of branches of economy, maintenance of free competition and protection of legitimate rights of consumers," the message widespread by the press service following the results of the session of the government informs. Following the results of the session, the decision to approve the bill on Competition and to direct it for the Parliament's consideration was accepted.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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