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Government to make amendments to Republican budget of 2008 - Zhamishev

Astana. October 2. Kazakhstan Today - The government plans to make amendments to the Republican budget of 2008. The Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan, Bolat Zhamishev, informed today during the briefing, the agency reports. "On behalf of the Prime Minister the government intends once again to address the Parliament with amendments of the budget," B. Zhamishev said. "The sums that for different reasons will not be used up to the end will be redirected for other purposes," the Minister of Finance noted. The Minister of Finance emphasized that "the state has executed all the obligations, basically, social obligations and obligations under those investment projects realized due to the budget." B. Zhamishev also informed that "for 8 months of 2008 in comparison with the similar period of 2007 income of the budget have increased by 26.2 % and expenses - by 30.5 %." "As for September 1, income of the budget has made 2266.6 billion KZT and has been realized by 99.5 % of the plan of the current period, including tax revenues - 1723.6 billion KZT, or 100.4 %, non-tax - 45.7 billion KZT, or 118%, profit from sale of fixed capital - 34.8 billion KZT, or 62.2 %, transfers - 462.5 billion KZT, or 99.1 %." "Expenses of the budget for January - August, 2008 have made 2185.9 billion KZT, or 94.7 % of the plan. Social assistance and social security in the expenditure part of the budget made 18.7 %, education - 17.3 %, transport and communications - 11.1 %," B. Zhamishev concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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