USD/KZT 376.26  -1.36
EUR/KZT 425.63  -0.39
September gold and exchange currency reserves of Kazakhstan increased by 2.5 %

Almaty. October 3. Kazakhstan Today - The international reserves of the country as a whole (in current prices), including money of the National Fund (by preliminary data $27 560.8 million), have grown by 2.5 % and have made $49 514.0 million, the agency reports referring to the message of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Growth of net international reserves of the National Bank in September, 2008 led to insignificant expansion of monetary base by 0.2 % (or by 4.0 billion KZT). Operations on purchase of currency in internal currency market, receipt of currency in the government accounts and increase of gold assets as a result of the operations and increase of its price in the world markets by 5.3 % have been partially neutralized by operations on updating assets of the National Fund on service of external government debt. There was a decrease in the rests on correspondent accounts of the banks of the second level in foreign currency in the National Bank. Net foreign currency reserves (hard currency) have increased by $63.7 million and assets in gold by $140.4 million. In current prices net international reserves of the National Bank have grown by 0.9 % (or by $204.1 million).

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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