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Reorganization of transport sector in Kazakhstan and Russia to be subordinated to goal of maintenance of global competitiveness - expert

Almaty. October 23. Kazakhstan Today - Reorganization of transport sector in Kazakhstan and Russia should be subordinated to the goal of maintenance of global competitiveness. The leading scientific employee of the Institute of Economics and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Science, Stanislav Zhukov, informed, the agency informed. "I made the report, the forecast of dynamics and structure of cargo transportations in the leading SCO member countries at the third conference of the Eurasian Bank of Development concerning Eurasian integration. It is a question of three leading SCO member countries: Kazakhstan, the Peoples Republic of China and Russia. More than 99 % of cumulative total internal product of the SCO member countries accounts for these countries, more than 96 % of the cumulative population, and prospects in this part of the world are defined by dynamics of these three economies: Kazakhstan, Russian, and China," S. Zhukov noted.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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