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President set up 10 main tasks for the decade: Message to the Nation

ASTANA. February 28. KAZINFORM /Valentina Yelizarova/ - Today President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the nation at the joint sitting of the Kazakh Parliament’s Houses and set up ten general tasks for the next decade. “Consequent realization of the strategy Kazakhstan-2030 provided with a perfect basis of further Kazakhstan’s progress and its accelerated multilateral modernization”, N. Nazarbayev emphasized. Consistency is a main formula of rapid progression in the current world in the nearest 10 years”, he added. According to the Head of State, in order to become an integral and dynamic part of the world markets of goods, services, labor resources, capital, advanced ideas and technologies Kazakhstan should solve ten general tasks. First of all, it is necessary to work out a new approach to Kazakhstan’s industrialization, decrease number of spheres of natural monopolies, strengthen the country's financial system, create an efficient stock market, provide Kazakhstan’s joining the WTO on favorable terms and introduce international technical standards. This is the main order of the President to the Government. The second task is to turn Kazakhstan into the “regional locomotive” of economic development and successful “player” of the world economy. The rest goals are defined as follows: Third – increase of efficiency of extractive industries. Forth – provision of the development of non-primary sector of production, diversification of economy. Fifth – development of the current infrastructure in accordance with Kazakhstan’s new role in the regional and global economy. Sixth – current education and professional training, application of advanced technologies, ideas and approaches, development of innovative economy. Seventh – targeted social aid and development of social sphere on the market principles. Eighth – modernization of the political system and realization of further democratic reforms. Ninth – accelerated realization of the administrative reform with account of the international practice. Tenth – promotion of Kazakhstani achievements in the Central Asian region and world community.


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