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Electric power production remains one of most non-transparent spheres - D. Nazarbayeva

Almaty. March 2. Kazakhstan Today - Electric power production in Kazakhstan remains one of the most non-transparent spheres. The head of the deputy group Aymak Dariga Nazarbayeva said in the article published in a weekly magazine Caravan. "Tariffs are growing rapidly, only in Almaty they have risen twice as much since new year. None of power engineering specialists can explain the expediency of such steps," the author ascertains. At the same time, the author of the article considers that " the government has not withdrawn from the solution of this important issue." "The governmental decree 384 dated April 9, 1999 approves the Program of development of electric power industry till 2030. It is at the second stage of the program realization. The amendments are to be introduced in the program," D. Nazarbayeva says. D. Nazarbayeva noted that the deputy group Aymak has made a decision to create working group, which would develop, on the basis of recommendations of the experts' proposals, amendments to be introduced to the legislation. "With an annual GDP growth of 8-9 %, mid-annual growth of power consumption makes 5-6 %, (in 2006 - 5.3 %). Thus, current consumption of electric power in the country will exceed 80 billion watt-hours by 2008-2009," she emphasized.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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