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President set objectives for agro industrial complex

Astana. March 5. Kazakhstan Today - The President of Kazakhstan set a number of objectives for the agricultural complex of the Republic. The documents widespread at the Republican session, concerning agrarian and industrial complex, state, the agency reports. Industrialization of agriculture is the priority. "It will be provided through qualitative growth of technical equipment of the branch, observance of agro technology, strengthening of scientific provision and introduction of innovative development and formation of system of personnel maintenance according to the needs of the sector," the document states. The second problem - development of infrastructure of agricultural production. "It is planned to create effective model of preparation and selling of agricultural products, to form financial and information-marketing systems, introduce international standards, improve the control over quality of food stuffs for safety maintenance. The third problem facing agriculture - development of the national competitive advantages of agriculture. "The analysis shows that our agrarian sector has a number of advantages and significant non-realized potential, which can be successfully used in competitive struggle. The fourth problem - state regulation of the market of production of agrarian and industrial complex and maintenance of food safety in the country.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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