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Kazakhstan plans to upgrade Asia-Europe railway

BEIJIBG. March 6. KAZINFORM. Kazakhstan's Ministry of Transport on Monday said it plans to further develop its section of a railway that links Europe and Asia. The No. 2 Eurasia transport corridor was built by member states of the Organization for Collaborations between Railways (OSJD). It crosses Kazakhstan - for 1,900 km, around 19 percent of the total length of the railway - China and Russia. In recent years, freight service between Europe and Asia, particularly the container transport, has been on the rise. But Kazakhstan's current railway technology and management has been unable to afford the new development. According to reports from the Kazakhstan Telegraph Agency, Kazakhstan plans to introduce advanced technology, and beef up the construction of railway infrastructure and border stations. Kazakhstan will also boost the use of containers in the materials distribution market, guarantee the free exchange of information and unify the standard of transportation charges, Kazinform cites Xinhua.


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