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Kazakhstan government presented new state management scheme

Astana. March 7. Kazakhstan Today - The government of Kazakhstan presented a new scheme of state management, which will be introduced within the limits of the administrative reform, the agency reports. "The state management scheme will include: the Prime Minister - Vice Prime Minister - provision of the service of the Prime Minister and his assistant activity- the group of advisers of the Vice Prime Minister. Further goes the minister - oblast akim, Astana and Almaty - rayon akims - akim of aul, settlement. Everyone except for villages and settlements akims have corporate management," Vice Premier - the Minister of Economics and Budgetary Planning Aslan Musin informed acquainting the senators with the concept of the administrative reform. Vice Premier emphasized that the new status of the ministries and akimats (mayor office) is based on differentiation of powers of political and administrative functions, introduction of principles of corporate management, granting of the opportunity for the leader to concentrate on the questions of policy development, development and adoption of the strategic plan of the state body, unloading the heads from the current work connected with realization of program documents." "The scheme of the new ministry differs from the existing one," Vice Prime Minister noted. According to him, it will be as follows: minister - board of directors - service of the internal control - group of advisers - service of maintenance of activity of the minister - general director. The minister will not have assistants. The head of the department will chair the board of directors that will include a representative of the president's administration, general director of the ministry, the head of internal control service and independent directors. General director will be appointed by the President of the country. He will develop the program of development of state body, the annual plan of state body, execution of resolutions and the program documents accepted by the minister. The General Director will bear personal responsibility for realization of these documents. Also, the General Director defines the structure and regular quantity of state body within the limits of the fund of payment of the ministry." The similar scheme is offered for akimat structure, however the General Director in akimats will be appointed by oblast akims. The board of directors of the regional akimats and the cities of the regional value akimats will include representatives the regional akimat instead of the president's administration.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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