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6-7 % VAT to be established for normal functioning of enterprises

Almaty. February 3. Kazakhstan Today - Vice chairman of the Independent Association of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, Serik Turzhanov, at the press conference today said profit tax at the level of 10 % and VAT - at the level of 6-7 % need to be established for normal functioning of the medium scale enterprises in Kazakhstan, the agency reports. "We request so that the profit tax totals 10 % and the value-added tax - 6-7 % so that the medium scale enterprises work rhythmically. We will then pay our money to the budget, instead of to the shadow structures," S. Turzhanov said. "The government needs to establish for the enterprises of small and medium scale the so-called 'tax vacation'." "The government needs to decide whether to introduce 'tax vacation', or to lower bank percent credit," S. Turzhanov considers.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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