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Nazarbayev suggested world community to introduce world currency - akme-capital, or akmetal

Almaty. February 3. Kazakhstan Today - The article of the President of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev published today in the Russian newspaper contains the suggestion of the President of Kazakhstan to the world community to introduce new world currency - akme-capital, or akmetal, the agency reports citing the president's press service. According to the article, "the currency of the new world should exist on the basis of the World Law on World Currency, signed by the majority of the leaders of the countries and ratified by the majority of parliaments of the world. Thus, it is clear that it would be unproductive to use the national currency of any state of the world as a currency of the world. This law could precisely and unequivocally define its above-national interstate status and the principles of its issue by specially created world emission center. "These questions should be included into the agenda of all largest political and economic bodies, the summits and forums of the world - the UN Security Council, the UN special session, G8, G20, the World Economic Forum in Davos and so on," the President concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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