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National Bank not to change exchange rate of 150 KZT per $ 1

Almaty. February 5. Kazakhstan Today - The chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Grigori Marchenko, said the National Bank will not change the exchange rate that now equals to 150 KZT per $ 1, the agency reports. "We have the exchange rate at 150 KZT = $ 1 and we will not change it." Now, of course, there will be rumors that in two months the rate will reach 180 and 300 - by the year's end. All this is untrue, fantasies. You should go to the banks. The banks will operate in normal mode and sell the currency at normal rate," the head of the National Bank said. We have enough currency in the country," G. Marchenko said. According to him, the National Bank brought $ 600 million of cash. "We should go to the bank and buy in the exchange offices of the banks, because there are violations in non-bank currency exchange places and this is their only source of income.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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