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PKN Orlen delegation visits Kazakhstan today

WARSAW. March 12. KAZINFORM. The company is talking about oil fields before president’s official visit to Kazakhstan. There is a chance to sign agreement with KazMunaiGaz at the end of this month. PKN Orlen, Poland’s biggest fuel company, wants to get access to oil fields. Today, its representatives fly to Kazakhstan to prepare soil before talks with KazMunaiGaz planned during the official visit of President Lech Kaczynski on March 28-30th. ”We plan to sign a cooperation agreement with KazMunaiGaz when exploration projects are implemented”, a high-ranked manager at PKN Orlen revealed. This would be a breakthrough. Talks with the state-owned Kazakh oil company have been led for many months. So far, without success. However, contracts to buy concessions in Kazakh fields will not be signed yet. It may be possible at the end of this year. Whether PKN Orlen's plans succeed depends on Kazakhstan’s attitude towards energy issues. ”There will be green light for the project when the government approves of the idea proposed last Wednesday for the countries of the Caspian Sea and Central Europe to cooperate to develop oil transmission to Europe”, PKN Orlen’s representative said. President Lech Kaczynski said last week that an international conference would be held in Poland in May concerning the plans to import oil from Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan via Ukraine to Poland and Germany. According to the president, at least five countries should take part in the conference, including Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia, Kazinform quotes Puls Biznesu.


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