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Stabilization of banking system can not happen without state interference

Astana. February 6. Kazakhstan Today - The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov, at the expanded meeting of the faction of the People's Democratic Party Nur Otan in Parliament said further stabilization of the banking system is impossible without interference of the state, the agency reports. "This week we have made a number of important decisions that will allow us to be certain that the Kazakh banking system is stable. And we will not allow uncontrolled events and defaults of the banks," the Prime Minister said. He said that the government owns 25 % of two banks - Kazkommertsbank and the National. The government invested 1 billion dollars in each of them. The Prime Minister also said, "Without the assistance of the state Bank Turan Alem is unable to cope with the difficulties, therefore, it was decided that the state through the Fund Samruk-Kazyna will own approximately 78% of the bank's shares.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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