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N.Nazarbayev: Despite difficulties, we will make new breakthrough

ASTANA. March 6. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/ «We face great tasks to overcome the crisis consequences, the preparation for the following economic growth», President Nursultan Nazarbayev said delivering the State-of-the-Nation Address at the joint session of the Parliament; Kazinform reports. According to the President, all that have done so far - the dicision of current problems. «I propose not to stop, go on and realize a new plan of further economy modernization and implementation of employment strategy and ensuring the post-crisis development of the country. Remember, in the most difficult years we began to build and created new capital of the country - Astana. At that time nobody believed we can realize it. But we did it, and the whole world sees it. Let’s follow this good experience and make a new breakthrough despite the difficulties. Yes, we need resources. I hold good to direct income of the materials sector, which we allotted to the National Fund, to realization of the new plan, which I announce, in 2009-2010. In whole, it will form about KZT 600 bln in addition to approved transfers from the National Fund. It is a timely, but necessary measure. I want to emphasize, that we maintain the volume of the country’s gross reserves, i.e. USD 47 bln. It will give us confidence in case of the crisis continuation. The other funds source is tough saving on all expense items of the budget and the strictest financial discipline», the Head of the State said. N.Nazarbayev charged the Government to conduct optimization of the national budget expenditures and to control use of budgetary funds in regime of weekly monitoring.


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