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Eurasian Economic Union: There is no alternative in future, Nursultan Nazarbayev

ASTANA. March 24. KAZINFORM. Kazinform news agency presents the article of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev Eurasian Economic Union: Theory or Reality published by Russian newspaper Izvestiya as of March 19, 2009.Eurasian Economic Union: Theory or Reality Nursultan Nazarbayev: There is no alternative in long future The global financial crisis which broke forth due to the unsustainable world political situation, manifests the entire malfunction of the world management system. Sometimes daily reports on the slumps of fund indices, increasing unemployment, bankruptcy of companies and banks did not reflect the true nature of the changes. If we rise above the day-to-day stream we can see the underlying detrusions of the world politics which require alteration of the conceptual approaches in the regulation of the global economic system. On acting currency-financial system The present financial system meets neither modern requirements, nor criteria of sustainability. It has many shortcomings, which is the basis of the global crisis. To date the world community is seeking an optimal model of reformation of the global economy. Kazakhstan proposed a way to solve the problem in the article Keys to the Crisis recently published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Common world currency Let me briefly remind our proposals. It is necessary to start formation of a common world currency under the aegis of the UN. All countries should take part in its creation, emission and regulation. Of course, the transit to the new system should be performed gradually. The next important world tendency will be turning the unipolar world system into multipolar. This will strengthen regionalization processes and create regional markets of major goods and services. Protection of national economies inside a certain geographical space becomes a global tendency. There are many examples: Latin America, Persian Gulf, and Eastern Asia. Europe started this process long before. A new strategy The changes are prompting Kazakhstan and the CIS neighbors to coordinate their development strategies. 15 years ago in March 1994 I spoke at the Lomonossov Moscow State University and I voiced the initiative to establish the Eurasian Union. The idea was not supported unanimously. Perhaps it was natural. Having obtained independence many CIS countries were in euphoria due to the long-awaited sovereignty. But later on the initiative was widely supported by politicians and public circles. The activity of a group of international institutions such as the EuAsEC, CSTO, SCO and others manifested implementation of the Eurasian idea. Now I am absolutely convinced that there is no alternative to Eurasian integration in future. The process of Eurasian integration has been carried through in three directions - economic, military-political and cultural. The free trade regime allowed increasing the mutual goods turnover between the member countries more than threefold. The mutual investment volume has been increased fivefold. We created financial integration facility within the EurAsEC. The Eurasian Development Bank finances a series of projects in Kazakhstan, Russia, Byelorussia and Tajikistan. Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Russia are about to accomplish the formation of the Customs Union. Perhaps the next step will be the monetary union of EurAsEC countries and Eurasian supranational payment unit. A lot of steps have been made to ensure regional security. At the end of the last century the parties to the Collective Security Treaty of 1992 adjusted this document in order to meet the new threats of global and regional stability. This is when the Collective Security Treaty Organization was created. At present it enters a new stage of its development. Last month the Moscow Summit resulted in the decision to form Rapid Deployment Forces . This is an important step in strengthening military security of the North Eurasia region. To fight the international terrorism we created the CIS Antiterrorist Center. The law-enforcement agencies of our countries strengthen a joint struggle against trans-border crime, drug trafficking, illegal migration. The Asian vector of the Eurasian security includes such structures like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA). Their development would have been impossible without support and active participation of many post-soviet countries. The European direction of the All-Eurasian security is implied by the OSCE activity in which Kazakhstan is planning to hold chairmanship in 2010. For the recent years the Eurasian idea has been approved by many intellectuals of the post-soviet countries. The Eurasian Scientists Club, Eurasian Media Forum and the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio ans Eurasian Universities Association work on formation of the common information, scientific and educational space. Nowadays our objective is to increase intellectual heritage and use accumulated knowledge to ensure the innovative development of the whole region. We should not wait. The cultural and humanitarian dimension of the Eurasian integration obtains significant importance, and in my opinion it should be developed in the next directions. First of all, it is immediate transfer to the innovative development. We should support the scientific community in implementation of this task. That is why 2010 was announced the Year of Science and Innovations in the CIS. Secondly, we must bring the education sphere to a new level and create an unified Eurasian educational space. Kazakhstan gives much attention to the advanced training of qualified specialists. Annually about 3,000 students win Bolashak scholarship and study at world leading universities. Erasmus Mundus program is very popular in the European Union. It promotes cooperation in the sphere of higher education. We can create a similar program for the Eurasian space and name it after Lev Gumilyov. As the scholar stated, though the entire world moves ahead, the youth must make a fresh start every time. Thirdly, we must pay special attention to the youth activity. If we do not make required efforts the new generation may lose a connecting clue, which brings our nations together. We must not to let this happen. Moreover, the year of 2009 was announced the Year of CIS Youth. Fourthly, the cultural and language diversity of the unified Eurasian identity must not be forgotten. This means promotion of different cultural projects of the Eurasian dimension: festivals, workshops, exhibitions, conferences. The fifth, we must ensure maximum freedom of movement for our citizens. Kazakhstan has proposed the initiative Ten simple steps towards common people. I am convinced that the Eurasian Community based on equality and free will can become a global factor of the world economy and policy of XXI century.


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