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BEIJING. March 27. KAZINFORM /Talgat Baimukhambetov/ - «I sincerely give a high appraisal to the Message of President Nursultan Nazabayev, which possesses great worth and calls to serious contemplations», - member of the Chinese Council for Development and Cooperation of Asia and Africa, former Ambassador of China to Kazakhstan Yao Peisheng announced Thursday at the round table in Beijing on discussion of Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Message to the people of Kazakhstan ‘Through Crisis to Renovation and Development. The Chinese expert called the address of President Nazarbayev “declaration of war against crisis” as it is very assertive and encourages people to resolve the emerging challenges. He underlined that the program set out a profound analysis of the internal and foreign situation and depicted the real picture of the present day. The President has proposed “a business program of solution of today’s most intricate problems”. “This is not ‘tightening belt policy’ applied by many countries but a conscious choice supported by the community”, he added. “I had worked in Kazakhstan for several years and I remember President Nazarbayev to have reiterated the importance of this issue. But this time he raised this issue to a higher level. The more sophisticated the situation becomes, the more attention should be paid to the people’s problems”, ex Chinese Ambassador uttered. He also said that the global crisis had been caused by the irresponsible financial policy of the United States. He compared the situation to the September 11 tragedy, the difference being the world scale of the present disaster. In conclusion Yao Peisheng appealed to a closer partnership between China and Kazakhstan and noted that principle of “use of one’s own power” which is proclaimed in the Message, did not exclude cooperation with other countries. «In this difficult time cooperation becomes more important. We do not expect help from wealthy countries. We will rely on our own resources. But we can cooperate more closely. In this regard Kazakh-Chinese partnership may serve an example for many countries», - Yao Peisheng commented.


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