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Kazakh government developed new style of public management

ASTANA. May 14. KAZINFORM /Nurken Sakenov/ The financial crisis which caused a big number of problems let us assure ourselves in soundness of the Kazakhstan economy. The country’s economy could bear the first two waves of the global economic disaster. Kazakhstan was among the first to adopt anti-crisis measures and putting the whole state apparatus in a hand-control regime. First of all the crisis examined us for coherence and proficiency of the power structures’ work. Kazakhstan succeeded in this test. Today we witness toughening of the state discipline, more harmonious interaction between the central and local authorities. Regular telephone conferences of the Government with the participation of the akims of the regions, Almaty and Astana cities have become the main and traditional way of communication of the center and the regions. The conferences focus primarily on the principal issues of anti-crisis and post-crisis development of the country, adoption of balanced decisions taking into consideration local peculiarities, sectoral and nationwide interests. The state has established stable coordinated work between the ministries and akimats through regular collegiums of the central executive bodies with attraction of regional institutions of power. This promotes administrating processes both in centre and in the regions. The regions should stay aside from the national tasks of development. Mechanisms of interaction of the Government and akimats with SamrukKazyna National Welfare Fund were improved. As is known, after emerging of two holdings – Samruk and Kazyna in one system, the board of the directors is headed by the Prime Minister. Among the members of the board are key ministers of the Cabinet. Now the Government and SamrukKazyna Fund work in one organizational unit. It should be noted that in the regions their work is coordinated by the Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporations providing efficient interaction of the state-private sector partnership. It seems the new style of public administration in Kazakhstan gradually turns into an alloy of multi-level coordination and personal responsibility for each decision, consideration of the interests of the regional authorities while shaping the nationwide agenda.


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