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Astana. March 29. Kazakhstan Today - For the last three years real economy diversification of Kazakhstan has not occurred. The head of Aymak group Dariga Nazarbayeva said today at the session, the agency reports. "The results of the analysis and the estimation of the results of realization of the intermediate term program of social and economic development show that development of economy of the Republic towards diversification and competitiveness for the last three years has not taken place," D. Nazarbayeva said. She explained that analyzing execution of the intermediate term plan, the deputy group used the official statistical data. "We observed the decrease in volume of manufacture of goods. In commodity structure of export there is a high share of mineral products - 71.9 % and the share of non-raw goods totals 6 - 7 %," the deputy informed. "The rate of inflation on average makes 8.6 % in 2006 compared to the planned 5 - 7 %, there is further rise in prices and tariffs for housing and municipal services." "The government in 2005 - 2006 has not provided real increase in salaries, pensions and allowances. Real wages of workers of budgetary sphere have increased by only 20 %. Living wage by experts' estimations is to be not less than 20 thousand KZT," she emphasized. "As a whole, economic parameters of the state for the three-year period are unfavorable," the deputy concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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