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ASTANA. May 25. KAZINFORM. /Kenzhebolat Zholdybay/. The other day an acquaintance of mine expressed a thought: «Life has become more difficult and more complicated, though much more interesting». And he is correct. Our mentality has enriched lately, and the national character has acquired new features. A lot of opportunities for self-actualization and solutions to tangled situations have emerged. This ensures that our country will cope with the hardship and come out of crisis having more strength than before. It is worth saying that the year of 2009 is very important in this regard, and can prove to be crucial. As President Nursultan Nazarbayev commented in an interview to Khabar and Khazakhstan, March showed slow but steady signs of economic upturn which has a positive tendency. Kazakhstan was among first countries whose outlook was graded by Standard & Poors from Negative to Stable, which might have been a result of timely anti-recession measures. The correct, flexible economic model, advancing reforms in tax, budgetary, administrative, customs policy, and the Employment Strategy have not just mitigated the global recession consequences, but also have ensured further sustainable industrial growth. In this regard the foremost national goal was defined by the President on the XII Nur Otan Congress to be forced industrialization. It is time to realign forces and embark on an aggressive advance. In other words, in the current intricate conditions Kazakhstan plans a powerful surge to be among the post-crisis countries. Fundamental industrialization projects will be started as of January 1st, which will be a set of measures on introduction of innovative technologies. I have no doubt this plan will be put into life. The painful blows in the first years of independence made Kazakhstani people bend, but not break. Together with the President the people of Kazakhstan went on the path of intensive development. Ten years ago one would not believe that the capital would be built on the place of a provincial town. And this time we are fated to success again. The Presidential strategy of industrialization and economic diversification is thoroughly elaborated, backed by financial resources and designed for a long-term perspective. The economic and technological realignment of the national economy will go in seven priority directions: agriculture, construction industry, oil procession, metallurgic industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutics, transport and telecommunications. 18 years ago everybody hoped for the market, keeping to liberal principles of market economy, which we will not abandon. Given the global situation when the world superpowers became convinced that free entrepreneurship is not always effective and call for the stronger role of the government in the economy, Kazakhstan has taken the course of active interference of the government in the business matters. All of this create new opportunities for an efficient advance in the post-recession period, provided that we preserve the unity of nation. We will carry through all our ambitious plans as long as we have stability, friendship, unity and responsibility before the future generation.


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