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Executive Sec of Transport Ministry: Developed local road network ensures development of entire region

ASTANA. September 22. KAZINFORM /Zhenis Kassymbek/ The problem of transport service in rapidly developing urban areas where population and transport increases fast is growing year by year. Early 2006 more than 27 thousand kilometers of roads were in extremely poor condition. 6 thousand of them were damaged. To date 43 rural settlements do not have surfaced roads connecting them to the regional centers, the main cause of that being insufficient funding of development of local roads. The analysis based on the data of repair and maintenance of local roads submitted by local administrations showed that local budgets provide only 15% of financing out of yearly demand. The Program of development of the road sector of Kazakhstan for 2006-2012 was approved in December, 2005 in order to improve the local road networks as well as the entire road sector. The Program provides financing to the amount of KZT 271 billion, including allocation of final transfers from the national budget to the amount of KZT 141 billion. 1,811 kilometers of roads were laid and reconstructed in 2007-2008, repair and complete overhaul was made on 6,485 kilometers of roads. As a result, the condition of 6% of local highways was improved; the part of the roads that were in bad condition has reduced by 4% compared to 2006. The Address of the Kazakh President to the Nation was a timely and important step in the life of the country, which fostered the process of development of the local roads network. An Action Plan elaborated by the Government (Road Map) followed the delivered presidential message. At present we have agreements signed with contacting organizations to the amount of KZT 51.3 million. As per the funding plan more than KZT 27.9 million was allocated from the national budget for realization of the Road Map projects. 2, 334 kilometers or 83% of roads have been repaired since the beginning of the realization of projects under the Road Map program. Advanced technologies, equipment and modern construction materials are what we need to ensure excellent quality of reconstruction and development works. Therefore we guide our contractors to ensure good quality. Toughen requirements and increased competition give positive results as well. It is remarkable that we have a lot of people employed at roads works. 55, 129 road construction jobs were created by regional akimats within the Road Map projects. Besides, we build not only roads, but bridges too, which also improves the contiguous urban infrastructure. Implementation of the scheduled road projects will lead to modernization of the general roads network, amplify cargo and passenger turnover by 20% and 22% correspondingly; increase of the transit potential of the country with reduction of expenditures on cargos transportations and increase of the average travel speed by 1.5-2 times. The vital fact is that modernization of local roads network creating new jobs and improving transport communication between rural settlements will bring new opportunities to entire regions.

Resourse: Kazinform

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