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Minister of Transport A. Kussainov visited Yenbekshikazakh municipality - Almaty oblast

ALMATY. September 24. KAZINFORM /Daniyar Sikhimbayev/ On Friday Minister of Transport and Communications, head of theinformation-propaganda group Abelgazy Kussainov has visited Yenbekshikazakh municipality of Almaty oblast. The Minister has had a meeting with the municipality's authorities in Yessik town. The visit aims at clarification and propaganda of the main provisions of the Kazakh President's Address to the Nation Through Crisis to Renovation and Prosperity as well as the course of its realization. The Head of the State set certain tasks to the Government regarding overcoming negative impact of the global financial crisis, raising employment level, creation of jobs, increasing domestic content of the goods, services and works and preservation of all social commitments, A. Kussainov noted. To date state bodies and akimats have entered into 7, 900 memorandums of mutual cooperation on stabilization of production processes and guaranteeing labor rights of 974, 000 workers. KZT 106 bln have been utilized for the Road Map program's realization. Memorandums with 8, 088 enterprises and organizations on social jobs creation have been concluded. 56, 522 people have been employed at them. West Europe-West China project is under realization now. Five large regions of the country will receive new impulse of development as a result of the project's implementation. In whole, six concessional projects are planned to be realized in road-transport sector of the country. Three of them will be implemented in Almaty oblast. The Minister also familiarized the attendees with the plans for the future. Thus, in accordance with the President's instruction, the Government considers an issue of allocation of funds for continuation of the Road Map's realization in 2010. Alongside, basic directions of housing and utilities system development will be preserved, construction and repair of the roads, reconstruction of the social sphere facilities will be provided. Problems of the country's rural areas will be solved. "Realization of the Road Map in 2010 will give one more opportunity for improvement of the state of infrastructure and social facilities of the region", A. Kussainov resumed.


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