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SHYMKENT. 04.02.2010. KAZINFORM /Tatyana Pylayeva/ "All work on construction of the South Kazakhstan section of "West Europe - West China" transit corridor will be started in the second half of 2010", Kazakh Minister of Transport and Communications Abelgazy Kussainov said at the session in South Kazakhstan region. Two sections of the road with the total length of 454 km will run through South Kazakhstan region. "In accordance with the schedule, all tender procedures must be accomplished in the first half of the year", A.Kussainov said. He also stressed that the issues of equipment and personnel must be solved by this time as well. Totally over 10 thousand units of equipment will be used in the construction all over the country. A.Kussainov laid emphasis to the fact that absolutely new construction technologies will be used here. "If earlier we made the road dressing of 30 centimeters thick, now it would be 75 centimeters, using concrete. In this regard, we need to develop our own production of high quality cement", the Minister said.


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