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Kazakhstan's rate in import of third countries increased by 7.33%: B.Zhamishev

ALMATY. 27.03.2010. KAZINFORM /Yekaterina Ionova/ "The rate of Kazakhstan in the import of third countries is up to 3.5%, but in accordance with the Agreement on distribution of import from third countries within the Customs Union the rate of Kazakhstan increased by 7.33%", Kazakh Minister of Finance Bolat Zhamishev has said at the workshop in Almaty today. "Russia and Belarus agreed to increase the rate of Kazakhstan proceeding from simple economic logic - increase of tariffs twofold leads to twofold increase of budget revenues", the Minister noted. "Upon the agreement on distribution of rates we increased the budget revenues of the country by KZT 61 bln. The Law on state budget will be signed by the Head of the State soon", B.Zhamishev said.


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