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Office of Public Prosecutor suit to incur penalty of 4 billion KZT on Kazakhoil Aktobe satisfied

Astana. May 21. Kazakhstan Today - The verdict of the specialized inter district economic court of Aktobe oblast to incur penalty on Kazakhoil Aktobe Company for the sum of damage totaling 4 091 770 784 KZT to the income of the state as a compensation of harm came into effect, the agency reports referring to the message of the press service of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Kazakhstan. The Aktobe Nature Protection Office of Public Prosecutor has brought the suit against Kazakhoil Aktobe Company. The subject of the claim became excessive pollution of atmospheric air due to burning oil gas at the deposit Alibekmola in 2005 revealed as a result of public prosecutor's check in October, 2006, the press service noted.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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