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President signed law improving land relations

Astana. July 10. Kazakhstan Today - The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the law on amendments and additions to Land Code of the Republic Kazakhstan, the norms of which improve land relations, the president's press service informed on Friday. As it was informed earlier, the amendments introduced to the Land Code concern replacement of words "the state necessity" by "the state needs" (according to the Constitution). Thus, the developers offered to apply the concept "compulsory withdrawal" to the cases of withdrawal of land when it is not used for primarily intended purpose or used with infringements of the legislation. The amendments to the Land Code strengthen the rights of the proprietor of the land and the land user in case of land withdrawal including for the state needs. The law specifies exceptional cases when forced alienation of the land is to be carried out, the period of establishment of redemption price, the time of defining and compensation of the caused losses. During the discussion of the document in Majilis the deputies introduced the amendment, according to which the clauses of the law providing formation of the special commissions created by corresponding local agencies regarding the selection of land, extends not only on the most important objects, but also on all objects offered for construction. 10.07.07

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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