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Almaty regional court discharged USA citizen accused of theft in Kazakhstan

Almaty. July 12. Kazakhstan Today - In Almaty Almala regional court pronounced verdict of "not guilty" to the USA citizen Menahem Seidenfeld accused of theft of Arna financial assets, the agency reports. "The court pronounced verdict on the charge brought against him on committing a crime stipulated in item B part 3 article 176 of Criminal Code of Kazakhstan, brought in a verdict of innocent and discharged him due to the absence of corpus delicti. Preventive punishment of M. Seidenfeld arrest is to be canceled and he is to be released in the hall of court immediately. The civil suit of Arna Company about incurring penalty 5 million 457 thousand 500 KZT is to be left without consideration," the judge Zaure Keykibasova read the verdict. After announcement of the verdict representatives of the dissatisfied party of Arna Company stated that they consider the verdict of Almala regional court unfair and intend to appeal against it in the board of criminal cases of city court of Almaty at specified by the law term, within 15 days from the day of verdict pronouncement.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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