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Wiener Borse launches Kazakhstan index, KTX

LONDON. July 17. KAZINFORM. With today’s launch of the Kazakh Traded Index (KTX), Wiener Borse has gone one step further East, and as of now, will calculate the index tracking the most important companies in Kazakhstan.The Kazakh Traded Index includes the most actively traded stocks and Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) of companies with their principal business activities in Kazakhstan and listed on the London Stock Exchange: Kazkommerzbank, Kazakhmys, KazMunaiGas Exploration Production, Halyk Savings Bank and KazakhGold Group. The KTX raises the number of indices on Wiener Borse to 24, with 17 of these indices clearly showing the focus on Eastern and Southeast Europe. The index competence of Wiener Borse is internationally recognized: Worldwide, over 80% of all structured products relating to (South) Eastern Europe are based on the indices of Wiener Borse. The KTX index is a capitalization-weighted price index – like the others – and is calculated and published in real-time by Wiener Borse in EUR and USD. The weighting of the individual stocks in the index is limited to 25% of the total index capitalization. The KTX has been designed as a tradable index that can serve as an underlying for standardized derivatives (futures and options) as well as for structured products. The starting value of the KTX has been fixed at 1,000 index points as of 2 January 2007. The KTX is calculated and disseminated from Monday to Friday on all trading days of the London Stock Exchange. The KTX is also calculated on Austrian exchange holidays if there is trading in the securities on the LSE. The calculation parameters are reviewed on a quarterly basis, and the index composition is reviewed – and adjusted as necessary – on a semiannual basis in March and September, Kazinform cites Exchange News Direct.


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