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Eurocommission hopes Kashagan disagreements to be settled

Brussels. September 3. Kazakhstan Today - Eurocommission hopes that disagreements between Kazakhstan and the operator on development of Kashagan oil deposit - consortium Agip KCO will be settled. "The European commission considers the disagreements a business matter and expects that both sides will respectfully fulfill mutual business obligations," the text states. "We hope that both sides will come to the agreement, which will satisfy both parties," the Chairman of the Energy commission of the European Union Andris Piebalgs said. The Environmental Protection Ministry of Kazakhstan suspended the license for works in Kashagan deposit. According to the official version, the decision was accepted due to infringements by the operator of the project - Agip KCO consortium - of the nature protection legislation of the Republic. The Committee of Fish Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture assumed that there is connection between the activity of Agip KCO Company on the contract territory and sharp reduction of population of sturgeon breeds and increase of the number of facts of mass death of the Caspian seal.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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