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Kazakhstan-Russian staff to define sum of damage caused by Proton crash

Astana. September 13. Kazakhstan Today - The joint Kazakhstan-Russian staff has started defining the sum of the damage caused by the emergency crash of the carrier rocket Proton-M, the staff informed the agency. According to the press release widespread on Thursday, today in the morning the staff studied the data of the analyses of the tests of the water taken from the reservoirs in the crash area. The tests were taken on September 8 from Zhezdinsk and Kengir water basins, the river Zhezdinka, lake Aynakol, and the reservoir in the area of summer residences and winterings Mamahov and Ayashev and Koshakov farm. "As a result of the conducted analysis, absence of heptyl in tests of water has been established and registered in the corresponding bilateral reports," the staff press release states. Today the staff started defining the sum of the damage. The joint Kazakhstan -Russian staff has been formed according to the agreement between the Kazakhstan government and the government of the Russian Federation on the order of interaction in case of accidents during launches of rockets from the cosmodrome Baikonur.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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