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State commission allowed prestarting preparation for launch of rocket Soyuz, satellite Foton-M

Baikonur. September 14. Kazakhstan Today - The state commission has allowed to continue the final stage of prestarting preparation for the launch of the carrier rocket Soyuz-U with the space satellite Foton-М-3 at Baikonur. The Federal Space Center Baikonur press service informed the agency. According to the press service, today at 11.40 by Astana time, the session of the state commission that has allowed continuing the final stage of prestarting preparation took place. "Today at 12.00 by local time РН Soyuz-U was taken out from the assembly-test case of platform №112 where РН was joined to the head part of the rocket with the space satellite Foton-М-3 and was transported to the starting complex of platform №1. The rocket was established in a vertical position onto the starting platform," the press service informed. The experts of the cosmodrome started checks of the systems of the carrier rocket and the starting complex. As it was informed earlier, 16 complete sets of scientific equipment of about 640 kg have been established on Foton-М-3. 45 research experiments are planned to be conducted during almost fortnight flight onboard of the satellite. The scientific satellite Foton-M-3 is intended for carrying out of experiments in the field of space technology, manufacture of materials and biological preparations in the interests of various industries and sciences. After the end of the flight, the descending satellite Foton-M-3 will return scientific equipment and the results of the experiments to the Earth. The launch of РН Soyuz-U with the space satellite Foton-М-3 has been planned for September 14 at 17.00. p.m. by Astana time (15.00 by Moscow time).

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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