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First report on activity of Initiative of transparency companies to publish in November

Astana. September 14. Kazakhstan Today - The first report on activity of the companies-subsoil users, participating in realization of the Initiative of transparency will be published in November. The vice-Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Bolat Akchulakov informed today at the briefing. "The National Council of the Initiative of transparency should choose the company auditor that will be authorized on gathering of information from the companies-subsoil users and the data from the government regarding payments and taxes. This company auditor will conduct their verification and the summary information will be published in mass media," B. Akchulakov said. The work is being carried out on selection of the auditor company. B. Akchulakov informed that the report would include full data for 2005 "on almost all kinds of taxes, except for VAT." "The reports should be made annually," vice-Minister emphasized. According to his data, 92 companies and 51 - the companies of oil-and-gas sector, the others - mining sector joined the Initiative in Kazakhstan.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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