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Gross grain harvest in Kazakhstan makes 22 million tons

Astana. October 1. Kazakhstan Today - Gross grain harvest in Kazakhstan made 22.012 million tons in initial weight. Vice-minister of Agriculture Dulat Aytjanov informed today during selector government meeting. "Gross grain harvest makes 22.012 million tons in initial weight, after threshing we expect productivity of about 18.5 million tons. Last year during the same period gross grain harvest made 17.4 million tons," T. Aytzhanov said. "It is necessary to harvest nearly 160 thousand hectares of grain crops in Kazakhstan." "Аkmola, Aktobe, Eastern Kazakhstan, Western Kazakhstan, Kostanay oblasts and other oblasts close to the end of harvest reported except for Kyzylorda oblast where rice harvesting proceeds," vice Minister specified. Vice Minister emphasized that productivity of grain this year is higher than last year's by 1.8 centner from hectare and milling - by 4.5 million tons.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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