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Parliament approved amendment to Customs Code

Astana. November 9. Kazakhstan Today - The senate deputies passed the law on amendments to the Customs Code in the second reading at the plenary session on Thursday, the agency reports. As it was informed earlier, the document was approved by the chamber in the first reading on the same day. Thus, the law is accepted by parliament and is forwarded to the leader of the state for his signature. As it is known, "the introduced amendments to the Customs Code offer to exclude sub item 7 of item 1, clause 316 and paragraph 5 of sub item 1, clause 383." The authors of the bill - a group of parliament deputies explained that realization in practice of the norms of clause 316 - Submission of documents for confirmation of declared customs cost and clauses 383 - Submission of documents according to requirements of the chosen customs modes of the Customs Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan leads to impracticable conditions and complicates customs registration of goods imported and exported on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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