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Institute of Economic Researches consider plans of government on retaining inflation in 2008 at level no more than 10 % realizable

Astana. January 11. Kazakhstan Today - The Institute of Economic Research of the Ministry of Economics and Budgetary Planning consider the plans of the government on retaining inflation in 2008 at the level of no more than 10 % realizable. The Director of the Center for Diagnosis of Financial and Economic Crisis of the Institute of Economic Researches Timur Tanyrkulov informed in the interview on Thursday, the agency reports. "We also forecasted the parameters of GDP growth in 2008 and consider 5-7 % of growth a realizable parameter," he added. The Director of the center emphasized "the Institute of Economic Researches does not consider external debt of Kazakhstan as the most significant for the Republic problem." "We do not have the highest parameters of the correlation of external duty and GDP. We carried out the analysis and found out that even in Europe the parameters of such ratio are higher than in Kazakhstan, so it is not the most serious challenge for the economy of the Republic," T. Tanyrkulov said. "Now the government is already carrying out the work on acceptance of the measures for reduction of prices on oil products. For Kazakhstan the prices for oil products and consumer goods are very important, as incomes of the main part of the population of the Republic are not high as in Europe," T. Tanyrkulov concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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