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Trade union of coal miners Korgau hold negations with ArcelorMittal in Karaganda

Karaganda. January 25. Kazakhstan Today - Trade union of coal miners Korgau is holding negotiations with the employer - company ArcelorMittal in Karaganda. The vice president of trade union of coal miners Sergey Sivkov informed today at the press conference of the federations of trade unions of the Karaganda oblast in support of requirements of trade union of coal miners Korgau, the agency reports. ArcelorMittal Company vice president, Franc Pannier, arrived from London with the assistant for social affairs Alexander Zozuley and the local chairmen of the coal department. The theme of the negotiations became some of the main requirements put forward by the miners, including: increase of wages by 50 %, retirement age at 50, 100 percent payment of sick leaves, decrease of loading on lava due to strong gas-laden condition of the mines, establishment of planned сost price for ton of coal not less than $60. Thus, increase of salary became the first and the most important discussed issue. The commission was given two weeks to resolve other issues. If the demands of miners will not be executed, the trade union of coal miners Korgau is ready to start labor conflict. Trade unions of the Karaganda oblast joined trade unions of coal miners. They support miners and declare that in case of non-fulfillment of their requirements they are ready for mass protest actions.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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