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Nur Otan Party creates public council for struggle against corruption

Astana. January 31. Kazakhstan Today - The National Democratic Party Nur Otan creates public council for struggle against corruption. Vice chairman of Nur Otan Party Sergey Gromov said today at the briefing, the agency reports. "We plan to make anticorruption structures of civil society more active. The main centers of these structures will be public council created by us for struggle against corruption," S. Gromov said. The structure of the councils will include the representatives of public associations, civil society, mass media, the deputies of the Parliament and maslikhats and public receptions of Nur Otan Party. "The data obtained by public council will be transferred to the law enforcement bodies and serious questions will be directed to the commission for struggle against corruption at the president of the country," vice chairman of the party explained. According to S. Gromov, the party plans to act as an initiator of the annual competition for mass-media publishing anticorruption materials.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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