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Kazahmys Corporation resolved labor conflict

Almaty. February 5. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhmys corporation has resolved labor conflict, the press release widespread by department of public relations of Kazakhmys Company states. According to the press service of the company, the report has been signed on February 3, 2008 in the city of Zhezkazgan at the session of the special commission of administration of Kazahmys Corporation and the representatives of workers of Zhezkazgantsvetmet, according to which the requirements put forward by the workers will be satisfied. "Thus, the labor conflict between the management of the branch of Corporation Kazahmys - Zhezkazgantsvetmet and miners' representatives, the collectives of the Southern-Zhezkazgan, Western-Zhezkazgan, Stepnoy, Annensky and №73/75 of East-Zhezkazgan mine has been completely resolved," the press release informed. According to Kazahmys Corporation, the chairman of the board of Corporation Kazahmys Edward Ogay and the representatives of workers of Zhezkazgantsvetmet came to the agreement at the session of the commission on increase of wages to miners. In particular, the tariff rate of category 1, heavy physical works, has been established at the rate of 55000 KZT. According to the signed protocol, in case of an accident through fault of the employer that has entailed death of the worker, payment of lump sum character at the rate of ten annual salaries has been established. An injured employee who has received I, II groups of physical inability due to labor injury or occupational disease, will receive payment of lump sum character at the rate of five annual salaries. An injured worker who has received III group of physical inability - will be paid two annual salaries. According to the protocol, the employer undertakes to pay sick leaves of employees working in heavy, harmful and dangerous working conditions at the rate of 20 monthly settlement parameter.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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