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Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan stated low level of tax discipline

Astana. February 7. Kazakhstan Today - Accounts Committee of Kazakhstan for control over execution of the Republican budget states low level of tax discipline, the chairman of the Accounts Committee Omarkhan Oksikbayev said at the Thursday expanded session of the Accounts Committee on the results of work for 2007, the agency reports. "The inspections of the Accounts Committee established infringements in the revenue part for total sum of 8.6 billion KZT and 12.6 billion KZT of subscription bonuses on subsoil use that have not been received by the budget from the winners of investment programs in 2005 - 2007," O. Oksikbayev said. The reason for this has been lack of coordination of activity of tax committees of the Ministry of Finance and Energy. "We carried out expert-analytical work on measures of efficiency of tax administration and, as a whole, effeciency of the tax laws. We have come to the conclusion that the tax laws do not correspond to the realities of today. Development of the new Tax Code is required," O. Oksikbayev concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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