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President charged to realize a number of strategic projects in energy sphere

Astana. February 7. Kazakhstan Today - The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the joint session of the chambers of the Parliament presenting the address to the people of Kazakhstan on Wednesday charged to realize a number of strategic projects in energy sphere, the agency reports. N. Nazarbayev charged "to work over the question and to begin construction of the main gas pipe line Beyneu-Shymkent to maintain stable provision of gas of the southern regions of the republic. He charged the government "to make specific proposals on construction of the atomic power station in Aktau." Priorities in provision of the population with the electric power, as the leader of the state emphasized, is construction of Balhash electro station, construction of the third power unit Ekibastuz Power Station-2, continuation and completion of construction of Moynak hydroelectric station. Construction of the second electric main with capacity of 700 kw of the project - the North - the South Kazakhstan and the electric mains Northern Kazakhstan - Aktobe oblast should be finished in 2009. "The government should concentrate its efforts on introduction of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies," N. Nazarbayev concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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