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Tax revenues increased by 24 % in 2007 - Tax Committee

Astana. February 8. Kazakhstan Today - Tax revenues has increased by 24 %. The chairman of Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan Nurlan Rakhmetov said on Thursday during the meeting in the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan. "In 2007 tax revenues made 2.8 trillion KZT and increased by 24 %. It demonstrates improvement of tax administration," N. Rakhmetov said. Quality of inspections improved in 2007. "In 2006 by the results of appeals, extra charges were reduced by 5.4 billion KZT, in 2007 - only by 2.8 billion KZT. Percent of reduction decreased by more than twice," N. Rakhmetov noted. Thus, "arrears made 46.6 billion KZT and decreased by 3 %." The chairman of Tax Committee emphasized that in 2007 in comparison with 2006, quantity of tax specialists called to account for corruption crimes was reduced by 31 %, for corruption offences by 60 %.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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