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President's administration to undergo rearrangements within administrative reform

Astana. February 12. Kazakhstan Today - The administration of the president of Kazakhstan will be modernized within the limits of the administrative reform, the agency reports referring to the president's press service. According to the press service, the leader of the state Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the decree on personnel number and structure of the administration of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan. "The decree is directed at further improvement of the activity and modernization of the structure of the president administration of Kazakhstan within the limits of the administrative reform according to the objectives formulated in the Message of the leader of the state of February 6, 2008," the press service explained. The main objectives of the reforms are optimization and clear division of functions between the bodies of the president administration, bringing the structure in conformity with the legislative norms, transfer of functions not in charge of the president administration to the corresponding state bodies, reduction of the levels of management and administrative personnel, as well as increase of responsibility and independence of the chairmen of structural divisions. According to the press service, the structure of the president's administration has been in the following structure: - head of the president's administration; - vice chairman of the president's administration; - Secretary of Security Council; - Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council; - assistants to the president; - office of the president; - advisers of the president; - secretariat of Security Council; - Center for Research and Strategic Development; - Center of Foreign Policy; - Department for State Control and Personnel; - Department for Domestic Policy; - Department of Social and Economic Monitoring; - State Legal Department; - Department of Law-Enforcement System; - Representation of the president in parliament; - press service of the president; - Protocol of the president.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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